Enrich your life

Doing things that enrich your life and the lives of others is really important. Not financial enrichment but relationships, mental stimulation, health and the like.

I spent the day with my children yesterday at the local pool which has just re-opened after a massive renovation. The kids were very excited as they had been waiting for it to open for ages. We had a wonderful day and spent 6 hours in the pool together playing.

This experience was rewarding in so many ways: For the children they had fun, got to spend quality time with dad and had physical exercise. They slept really well last night :)

For me I got the same experience plus the added bonus of not thinking about work. It's important to have time away from work, real time away so as to not even think about it. That is difficult to manage when your work is 0% physical and 100% mental.

Looking back on my life I was the happiest when my jobs were more physical. At the end of a work day you feel physically tired but can leave the job behind and exercise your mind in the evening. When it is reversed your mind is physically exhausted but the body has not done any work. IMHO this is much harder to deal with in a healthy way.

To counteract this you have to include physical activity in your day: Go to the gym, go for a walk, ride a bike or whatever you fancy. This is a lesson I had forgotten. You will find me doing this most days now...

As you can see I have a healthy sense of humour...that is not me!

Travel is also something we can do to enrich our lives and something I will be doing next year. I haven't seen my family, who are spread out across the world (San Francisco, Oxford, Portsmouth), for far too long now. Obviously I can't see them all at once so I will need to choose.

My mother lives in San Francisco and I really feel the need to see her as she is getting older, as we all are. My brother and his wife also live there. I want to make the trip worthwhile so I plan to combine it with something I have wanted to do for years now and that is attend the annual Build conference in San Francisco.

I can combine the family visit with a work trip to the conference, a conference I am passionate about and genuinely excited about attending. Seeing my mother and spending time with family is most important to me however. But, there is no reason why I can't enrich my mind at the same time as enriching my relationship with family.