Don't take it for granted. Let me repeat that 'don't take it for granted'

If you are young let me repeat that one more time 'don't take it for granted'

There will come a time in your life when you start to feel your mortality. If you are young you think you are immortal. Trust me on this one, I did. Every so slowly though thinks will change and around about 40 hangovers will not be something you brag about anymore.

To some degree I still think I am immortal but I am more of a realist these days.

In the past 6 weeks I have been in and out of hospital from stress, anxiety and exhaustion. It was both the wake up call I needed mentally and the wake up call my body needed. Running on adrenaline for months, hell years, is not good for you.

When you finally stop your body goes "Aaaaahhhhhh, now that he's not stressed I can get sick at last"

So last week it was off to emergency with Gastritis and let me tell you, it fucking hurt. So much that I nearly passed out from the pain.

Towards the end of last week, and now full blown this week, I have Bronchiolitis. We are talking serious hacking up of a lung here, so much so that I am coughing all night and watching the sun come up only to pass out from exhaustion when it's time to be functional. At least I managed to get one day out at the pool with the kids but no doubt that didn't help.

Right now I am pretty much over it! Being sick that is, but I will recover (I am not that old yet) and can't wait as I have a new gym to attend to and some blubber to shed.

It does suck being sick but even during the darkest of time I still know that I will get better. That is a luxury and privilege that some people don't have so 'don't take it for granted'.

I intend to make sure I don't make the mistakes I have in the past and make the most of the years I have ahead.